Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth


Nancy Rich and Adam Fontana* in Tennessee Williams’ SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH


Saturday, March 11 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, March 12 @ 3:00pm (GalleryTalks)

Thursday, March 16 @ 8:00pm
Friday, March 17 @ 8:00pm (Alumni Night)
Saturday, March 18 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, March 18 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, March 19 @ 3:00pm

Thursday, March 23 @ 8:00pm
Friday, March 24 @ 8:00pm
Saturday, March 25 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, March 25 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, March 26 @ 3:00pm



Heavenly Finley – Erin Beirnard*
Stuff – David Couter
Edna – Lisa Fernandez*
Heckler – Mike Flanagan
Chance Wayne – Adam Fontana*
Scotty – Chad W. Fornwalt
Boss Finley – James Harter*
Charles/Fly – Cory McCants
Miss Lucy – Megan McDermott*
Aunt Nonnie – Noelle McGrath*
George Scudder – Greg Pragel
Princess Kos – Nancy Rich
Tom Jr. – Benjamin Russell*
Dan Hatcher – Thanos Skouteris
Bud – Benjamin Standford
Violet – Erika Vetter

*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association
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Executive Producer – Mark Harborth
Producer – Jonathan-Bruce King
Director – Jesse Marchese
Set Designer – Matthew Crane
Lighting Designer – Zach Weeks
Costume Designer – Dominique Fawn Hill
Props Designer – Roxanne Goodby
Sound Designer/Composer – Eric Glauber

Marry Me a Little / You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Marry Me a Little / You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown – in Rep.

Marry Me a Little is a charming and bittersweet musical featuring rarely heard songs by Stephen Sondheim. Two urban singles live through a Saturday night of deep yearning and sweet fantasies while never leaving the confines of their solitary New York City apartments. Together they breathe new life and meaning into a collection of trunk songs that were culled from the original Broadway productions of shows such as Follies, Company, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and A Little Night Music. A must for Sondheim aficionados and any New Yorker who ever found themselves alone on a Saturday night, thinking about love that was lost and love to be found.

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (revised) is a fresh approach to the all-time 1967 classic. Featuring the Peanuts Gang: Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Snoopy, and more! Two new songs, “Beethoven Day” and “My New Philosophy,” have been added to the twelve wonderful numbers of the original version, which include “My Blanket and Me,” “Suppertime,” “The Baseball Game,” and “Happiness.”

Interview with the Director



[By special permission from Mr. Sondheim, Gallery will be presenting this two character musical with male/female, male/male and female/female pairings.]

Thurs, Jan 26 @ 8:00pm (Jesse Manocherian and Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) M/F pairing
Fri, Jan 27 @ 8:00pm (Adrian Rifat and Paul Williams) M/M pairing
Sat, Jan 28 @ 8:00pm (GalleryTalks) (Laura Cetti and Cassandra Dupler) F/F pairing
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Thurs, Feb 2 @ 8:00pm (Adrian Rifat and Paul Williams) M/M pairing
Fri, Feb 3 @ 8:00pm (Laura Cetti and Cassandra Dupler) F/F pairing
Sat, Feb 4 @ 8:00pm (Jesse Manocherian and Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) M/F pairing

Thurs, Feb 9 @ 8:00pm (Laura Cetti and Cassandra Dupler) F/F pairing
Fri, Feb 10 @ 8:00pm (Jesse Manocherian and Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) M/F pairing
Sat, Feb 11 @ 8:00pm (Adrian Rifat and Paul Williams) M/M pairing

Thurs, Feb 16 @ 8:00pm (Adrian Rifat and Paul Williams) M/M pairing
Fri, Feb 17 @ 8:00pm (Jesse Manocherian and Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld) M/F pairing
Sat, Feb 18 @ 8:00pm (Laura Cetti and Cassandra Dupler) F/F pairing

Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld* and Jesse Manocherian*/Cassandra Dupler and Laura Cetti/Adrian Rifat and Paul Williams



Saturday, January 28 @ 2:00pm
Sunday, January 29 @ 12:00pm
Sunday, January 29 @ 3:00pm (GalleryTalks)

Saturday, February 4 @ 2:00pm
Sunday, February 5 @ 12:00pm
Sunday, February 5 @ 3:00pm

Saturday, February 11 @ 2:00pm
Sunday, February 12 @ 12:00pm
Sunday, February 12 @ 3:00pm

Saturday, February 18 @ 2:00pm
Sunday, February 19 @ 12:00pm
Sunday, February 19 @ 3:00pm


[A first for this show, there will be three rotating casts performing each weekend.]

Female/Female pairing
Laura Cetti
Cassandra Dupler

Male/Female pairing
Jesse Manocherian*
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld*

Male/Male pairing
Adrian Rifat
Paul Williams

*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association


Producer – Jonathan King
Director and Choreographer – Barrie Gelles
Music Director – Yi-Hsuan (Sobina) Chi
Lighting Designer – Scott Cally
Costume Designer – Hayley Zimmerman
Set Designer – Paul Radassao
Production Stage Manager – Jillian Christensen
Assistant Stage Manager – Emily LaRosa



Cassandra Dupler – Frieda
Brian Graziani – Pig Pen
Jesse Manocherian* – Snoopy
Adrian Rifat – Linus Van Pelt
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld* – Lucy Van Pelt
Samantha Schiffman* – Sally Brown
Gerardo Vallejo – Schroeder
Paul Williams – Charlie Brown
Christy Yin – Violet


*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association


Producer – Justine McLaughlin
Director and Choreographer – Barrie Gelles
Music Director – Yi-Hsuan (Sobina) Chi
Lighting Designer – Scott Cally
Costume Designer – Hayley Zimmerman
Set Designer – Paul Radassao
Production Stage Manager – Jillian Christensen
Assistant Stage Manager – Emily LaRosa

A Few Good Men

few good men comp

Frank Lewallen as Col. Jessup in Gallery Players' A Few Good Men (photo by Tanya Parks)

Frank Lewallen as Col. Jessup in Gallery Players’ A Few Good Men (photo by Tanya Parks)

This Broadway hit about the trial of two Marines for complicity in the death of a fellow Marine at Guantanamo Bay sizzles on stage. The Navy lawyer, a callow young man more interested in softball games than the case, expects a plea bargain and a cover up of what really happened. Prodded by a female member of his defense team, the lawyer eventually makes a valiant effort to defend his clients and, in so doing, puts the military mentality and the Marine code of honor on trial.

“Enormously entertaining.” – New York Daily News “Plenty of wise cracking humor and suspense.” – Time Magazine
“Fresh and adroitly updated and conditioned to our time and socio-political climate.” – NY Post

Performance Schedule

Saturday, Dec 3 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, Dec 4 @ 3:00pm (GalleryTalks)

Thursday, Dec 8 @ 8:00pm
Friday, Dec 9 @ 8:00pm (Alumni Night)
Saturday, Dec 10 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, Dec 10 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, Dec 11 @ 3:00pm
Maglie Calcio poco prezzo
Thursday, Dec 15 @ 8:00pm
Friday, Dec 16 @ 8:00pm
Saturday, Dec 17 @ 2:00pm (at this performance Jake Alexander will be playing the role of Lieutenant Junior Grade Daniel Kaffee)
Saturday, Dec 17 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, Dec 18 @ 3:00pm

The Cast

Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Jessep Frank Lewallen
Lieutenant Junior Grade Daniel Kaffee Joseph Cassese*
Lieutenant Commander JoAnne Galloway Justine Campbell-Elliott
Lieutenant Junior Grade Sam Weinberg Sam Parrott
Captain Jack Ross Robert Mueller
Commander Walter Stone Kyle Minshew*
Private First Class Louden Downey Adam Unze*
Lance Corporal Harold W. Dawson Joshua David Scarlett
Captain Matthew A. Markinson Ray Crisara*
Private First Class William T. Santiago Pablo Vazquez
Captain Isaac Whitaker Michael Janove*
Lieutenant Jonathan James Kendrick Derrick Marshall
Colonel Julius Alexander Randolph Alan Altschuler*
Corporal Jeffrey Owen Howard Jonathan Miles*
JAG Attorney Dave (Lawyer #1) Gilly Caulo
JAG Attorney Lyle (Lawyer #2) Lee Baptiste
Corporal Tom Jake Alexander
M. P. #1 Dustin Sutliff
M. P. #2 Jake Alexander
Corporal Dunn Gilly Caulo
Corporal Hammaker Lee Baptiste
Sergeant At Arms Gilly Caulo
Orderly Lee Baptiste
Cameraman Kevin Bain*

The Staff

Executive Producer – Mark Harborth
Producer – Jonathan King
Director – Mark Harborth
Lighting Designer – Scott Cally
Costume Designer – Mary Rubi
Props Designer – Roxanne Goodby
Fight Director – Joseph Travers
Production Stage Manager – Maggie Smith
Assistant Stage Manager – Lisette Shiffer














The 39 Steps

39 comp

Alister Austin and Amanda Baxter* (photo by Bella Muccari)

Alister Austin and Amanda Baxter* (photo by Bella Muccari)

Kayla Ryan Walsh, Alister Austin and Whit Leyenberger (photo by Bella Muccari)

Kayla Ryan Walsh, Alister Austin and Whit Leyenberger (photo by Bella Muccari)



Saturday, October 29 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, October 30 @ 3:00pm

Thursday, November 3 @ 8:00pm
Friday, November 4 @ 8:00pm
Saturday, November 5 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, November 5 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, November 6 @ 3:00pm

Thursday, November 10 @ 8:00pm
Friday, November 11 @ 8:00pm
Saturday, November 12 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, November 12 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, November 13 @ 3:00pm



Alister Austin, Amanda Baxter*, Whit Leyenberger, Kayla Ryan Walsh – playing 150 characters!

*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association
magliette calcio a poco prezzo


Producer – Jonathan Bruce King
Director – Mark Gallagher
Scenic Design – Laura Drucker
Lighting Design – Savannah Bell
Prop Design – Julie Epstein
Sound Design – Ian O’Loughliin
Fight Director – Joseph Travers
Casting Director – Jessi Blue Gormezano
Production Stage Manager – Marisa Kilgallen
Assistant Stage Managers – Jaime Rossow and Stephen Witkiewicz



GYPSY is the ultimate story about an aggressive stage mother. Join Rose, June and Louise in their trip across the United States during the 1920’s, when vaudeville was dying and burlesque was born. Jule Styne’s music and Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics include Let Me Entertain You, Some People, You’ll Never Get Away from Me, If Momma Was Married, All I Need Is the Girl, Everything’s Coming Up Roses, You Gotta Get A Gimmick and Together Wherever We Go. This is a gripping story of one of the most frightening aspects of show business.

Elizabeth Nestlerode and "Caroline" in GYPSY. (photo by Laurel Detkin)

Elizabeth Nestlerode and “Caroline” in GYPSY. (photo by Laurel Detkin)



Saturday, September 17 at 8:00pm
Sunday, September 18 at 3:00pm (GalleryTalks following performance)

Thursday, September 22 at 8:00pm
Friday, September 23 at 8:00pm (Alumni night)
Saturday, September 24 at 8:00pm
Sunday, September 25 at 3:00pm

Thursday, September 29 at 8:00pm
Friday, September 30 at 8:00pm
Saturday, October 1 at 2:00pm
Saturday, October 1 at 8:00pm
Sunday, October 2 at 3:00pm
maglia calcio poco prezzo
Thursday, October 6 at 8:00pm
Friday, October 7 at 8:00pm
Saturday, October 8 at 2:00pm
Saturday, October 8 at 8:00pm
Sunday, October 9 at 3:00pm


Kevin Bain*, Victor Barranca, Emma Berardelli, Julia Bevilacqua, Dylan Brod, Victoria Bundonis*, Sean Dearing, James David Dirck, Benny Enfinger, Adam Fontana*, Chris Gillette, Devin Hatch, Chara Kirkland, Dave Konig*, Lorinne Lampert*, Sonya Rice, Emily La Rosa, Richard Lisenby, David Mackler, Michelle Martinelli, Jonah Mussolino, Elizabeth Nestlerode, Annie Grace Payne, Anna Raful, Devra Seidel, Sami Schwaeber, Jake Wasserman, Jolie Rose Wasserman, Tomo Watanabe, Evan Jose Wright, and Pam Zazzarino

The Staff

Executive Producer: Mark Harborth
Producer: Jonathan King
Director: Mark Harborth
Choreographer: Jerry Mittelhauser
Music Director: Leslie Wickham
Set: Jerry Mittelhauser
Lights: Scott Cally
Costumes: Joey Haws
Props: Roxanne Goodby
Sound: Ian O’Laughlin
Stage Manager: Laurel Detkin
Asst. Stage Manager: James Mosser, Emily La Rosa

Richard III

Richard III RGB

RICHARD III by William Shakespeare

July 14 – July 31, 2016


Thursday, July 14 @ 7:30pm
Friday, July 15 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, July 16 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, July 17 @ 3:00pm

Thursday, July 21 @ 7:30pm
Friday, July 22 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, July 23 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, July 24 @ 3:00pm

Thursday, July 28 @ 7:30pm
Friday, July 29 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, July 30 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, July 31 @ 3:00pm
maglia juventus

richard cast



50th Anniversary Season Announcement Party



Gallery Players announces a very special event


50th Anniversary Season Announcement Party and Penny Social Fundraiser

Eat, Drink, and be the first to hear what Gallery has planned for the 50th Anniversary Season. There will be light refreshments and live entertainment from some amazing performers, and over 35 raffle prizes to be given away, including:

4 Disney Park Hopper Passes

Coor’s Light Beach Cruiser Bike

Subscriptions to Gallery’s 2016-2017 50th Season

A City Winery Tour and Wine Tasting

Signed Opening Night Playbill from Something Rotten

Broadway Comedy Club tickets

…and much more

Tickets are only $15/person and can be purchased through Ovation. Seating is limited, so purchase tickets now.

All proceeds benefit Gallery Players’ 50 for 50 Campaign, so come have fun, win prizes and support theatre in Brooklyn for the next 50 years!

Contributors (click to view their website):
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AMNHCW logoDangerfield'sdisney-world-logoGreenhouse CafeGrottomagnolia-bakery-logoPaneraLogoOmoniabroadway-comedy-club4over4 LogoSomethingRottenLogo_for_SpencerStompsalonbrianaSouth Slope Eaterybrooklyn braineryBrooklyn Netsfoxwoodschristmas Tree shopscommonwealth barCommunity Bookstoreda nonna rosa Leske's Bakery nyaquariumStewart's Tarzian West 


heights comp 2

Ryan Jagru, Josephine Spada and Sydia Cedona in Gallery Players' IN THE HEIGHTS (photo by Bella Muccari)

Ryan Jagru, Josephine Spada and Sydia Cedona in Gallery Players’ IN THE HEIGHTS (photo by Bella Muccari)

IN THE HEIGHTS tells the universal story of a vibrant community in New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood – a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. It’s a community on the brink of change, full of hopes, dreams and pressures, where the biggest struggles can be deciding which traditions you take with you, and which ones you leave behind. IN THE HEIGHTS is the winner of the 2008 Tony Awards for Best Musical, Best Score, Best Choreography and Best Orchestrations.

Performance Schedule

Cheap NFL Jerseys
Saturday, April 23 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, April 24 @ 3:00pm (GalleryTalks following the performance)

Thursday, April 28 @ 8:00pm
Friday, April 29 @ 8:00pm (Alumni night)
Saturday, April 30 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, May 1 @ 3:00pm

Thursday, May 5 @ 8:00pm
Friday, May 6 @ 8:00pm
Saturday, May 7 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, May 7 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, May 8 @ 3:00pm

Thursday, May 12 @ 8:00pm
Friday, May 13 @ 8:00pm
Saturday, May 14 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, May 14 @ 8:00pm
Sunday, May 15 @ 3:00pm

The Cast

Usnavi –  Ryan Jagru*
Benny – Daniel Belnavis*
Nina – Josephine Spada*
Vanessa – Claire Saunders
Abuela – Sydia Cedeno
Sonny – Evelio Sotolongo
Camilla – Maite Uzal
Kevin – Paul Aguirre*
Daniela – Ariana Valdes
Carla – Gabriela Hernandez
Graffiti Pete/Ensemble – Joomin Hwang
Piraugua Guy/Ensemble – Daniel Caraballo
Ensemble: Steven Charles, Mark Andrew Garner, Paloma Munoz, Silvia Nicoloso, Alexandra Marks

The Staff

Executive Producer – Mark Harborth
Producer – Jonathan Bruce King
Director – Michael Bello
Music Director – Jacob Carll
Choreographer – Justin Boccitto
Production Stage Manager – Monica Daniels
Scenic Designer – Adam Crinson
Costume Designer – Antonio Consuegra
Lighting Designer – Scott Andrew Cally
Sound Designer – Ian O’Loughlin
Props Designer – Roxanne Goodby
Asst. Stage Manager – Emily La Rosa


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Warning: This play contains cigarette smoking and strong language

Performance Schedule

Saturday, March 12 @ 8pm
Sunday, March 13 @ 3pm (GalleryTalks)

Thursday, March17 @ 8pm
Friday, March 18 @ 8pm (Alumni Night)
Saturday, March 19 @ 2pm
Saturday, March 19 @ 8pm
Sunday, March 20 @ 3pm
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Thursday, March 24 @ 8pm
Friday, March 25 @ 8pm
Saturday, March 26 @ 2pm
Saturday, March 26 @ 8pm
Sunday, March 27 @ 3pm

The Cast

Chief Bromden – Jonathan Mesisca
Dale Harding – James Swanson*
Billy Bibbit – Christopher James Russell
Scanlon – Dan Kellmer
Cheswick – John DeSilvestri
Martini – Justin Bennett*
Ruckley – David Littleton
Randle P. McMurphy – Joseph Cassese*
Ellis – Henrique Rizzo
Aide Warren – James L. Toback
Aide Williams – Brandon E. Burton
Dr. Spivey – David Mackler
Nurse Ratched – Sidney Fortner*
Nurse Flynn – Rhiannon McClintock
Aide Turkle – Timothy Covington
Candy Starr – Erin Whited-Ford
Sandra – Amy Scanlon

The Staff

Executive Producer: Mark Harborth
Producer: Jonathan Bruce King
Director: Mark Harborth
Assistant Director: Kimberly Olsen
Scenic design: Robert Bianco
Lighting design: Scott Andrew Cally
Costume design: Tony Johnson
Sound design: Jorge Olivo
Prop design: Roxanne Goodby
Fight Director: Joseph Travers
Production Stage Manager: Roxanne Goodby
Asst. Stage Manager: Emily La Rosa
Press: Michael Martinez
Show art: performingpixel.com




Justin Bennett (Martini) New York Theater includes Laughter on the 23rd Floor, King Lear, Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, Curse of the Starving Class, Cymbeline, Scenes from a Staten Island Ferry, Suits & Ties.  Regional Theater includes Legend of Sleepy Hollow (East Lynne Theater Company), Comedy of Errors, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Alexander and the Terrible… (Mill Mountain Theater), West Side Story.  National tours include one-man shows with Kid Power Productions and Slim Goodbody.  He is also a freelance director.  Justin recently directed The Adding Machine Off-Broadway.  Other favorite directing credits include The Boys Next Door, All in the Timing, 45 Seconds from Broadway, Separate Tables.  Classical and Contemporary Pianist.  BA Theater Arts, LaGrange College, Summa Cum Laude.




Brandon E. Burton (Aide Williams) is an actor/director from Saint Louis, Missouri. Educated at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Brandon trained formally in 2011 at the William Esper Studio New York City. Brandon has worked as an actor for the last 3 years working with companies like The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and PS 122 as well as with renowned performers like Rick Sordelet and Tim Miller. Brandon co-founded and serves as Artistic Director of the artist collective SSBKLYN, a social justice multimedia company dedicated to bettering the human condition by producing the works of underrepresented people and populations. Brandon co-hosts, curates and edits the company’s first project, “The Anti-Americana Podcast” which is now available on Soundcloud.






Joseph Cassese (Randle P. McMurphy) most recently It Runs In The Family and Run For Your Wife at The Gallery Players in Brooklyn, at The Players on Gramercy Park, in T. Williams’ I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow, other off-off Broadway stage productions include  Waiting For Lefty, Fool For Love and  Frankie and Johnny In the Claire de Lune.  Independent feature films include A Better Place produced by Kevin Smith; studio films include Penny Marshall’s Riding In Cars With Boys. Joseph most recently produced and performed in a short film adaptation of Anthony Marinelli’s Theater Festival Award winning one act play, Acoustic Space which was accepted and screened in the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. He earned his BFA from Seton Hall University in Fine Arts and Criminal Justice Additional Training: Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute; Michael Howard; The Acting Studio, most recently the Atlantic Theatre Company under Karen Kohlhaas and Broadway Director Neil Pepe.


John DeSilvestri


John DeSilvestri (Cheswick) An actor, voice over artist and producer, John most recently provided the voice for Bunsen in the  Smithsonian’s animated series, “Good Thinking” on YouTube. He was last seen on stage at Manhattan Theater Club in the industry reading of Ben Bartolone’s Timepiece which he also co-produced.  John was trained at the O’Neill National Theater Institute, holds a BA from the University of Hartford and an MBA from Fordham University.

Previous Credits; Theater – London Calling, New Light Theater Project; Timepiece, self-produced; The Mystery of Irma Vep, Cortland Repertory Theater. Television – “Redrum,” “Saturday Night Live.” Voice Over – “Good Thinking!” (animation), Western 1849 (iOS Video Game)
Twitter: JohnDeSilvestri




Sidney Fortner (Nurse Ratched) was last seen at Gallery as Aemilia in Othello.  Other New York credits include:  Lady Macbeth (Macbeth), Queen Margaret (Richard III), Katrine Stockman (An Enemy of the People), Charlotte (The Cherry Orchard), Lady Fidget (The Country Wife), Golda (Fiddler on the Roof), Mistress Quickly (Henry IV, Part Two), Lady Bracknell (The Importance of Being Ernest), Gertrude (Hamlet), Agatha Stanhope (Alison’s House); Regional credits include:  Mrs. Malaprop (The Rivals), Amanda Wingfield (The Glass Menagerie), and Gabrielle (The Madwoman of Chaillot). MFA:  The Shakespeare Theatre Academy for Classical Acting, The George Washington University.  Contact:  elsid14@verizon.net.





Dan Kellmer (Scanlon), is very proud and grateful to be joining the talented cast and crew of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest at The Gallery Players. Dan moved to New York from Philadelphia three and a half years ago to attend graduate school and earn his M.F.A. in acting from The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. Favorite roles include Mark Rothko in Red, George in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and his thesis role, Graham, in Lady. When not acting, Dan loves oil painting and is passionately in pursuit of creating the world’s greatest bacon, egg and cheese sandwich of which he believes he is close. He wishes to thank his family, dear friends and fiancée Stacie for their love, strength and support. Dan is especially grateful to director Mark Harborth for giving him a shot right out of school.




David Mackler (Dr. Spivey) most recently appeared at The Heights Players as another doctor (Dr. Einstein – no, not Albert) in Arsenic and Old Lace. Other New York credits include A Christmas Carol (Bob Cratchit), Ken Ludwig’s The Game’s Afoot (Felix Geisel), Wendy Wasserstein’s Isn’t It Romantic (Simon Blumberg), Agatha Christie’s The Hollow (Edward Angkatell), Noel Coward’s Waiting in the Wings (Alan Bennet), Enchanted April (Frederick Arnott), Room Service (Harry Binion), Morning’s at Seven (Homer); as well as the occasional musical: My Fair Lady (Col. Pickering), Mame (Lindsay Wolsey and Uncle Jeff), Urinetown (Senator Fipp). Thank you to director Mark Harborth for the opportunity to be on the Gallery stage.




Rhiannon McClintock (Nurse Flynn) is excited to be onstage in her first Gallery Players production, although she is no stranger to the organization. She currently serves as a house manager, director of development and secretary of the board, and was assistant stage manager for 2012’s A RAISIN IN THE SUN. Previous roles in New York include Aphrodite in AN EVENING WITH APHRODITE, Molly in LINE, and various characters in MEN. An active volunteer and advocate for the arts, Rhiannon works at the Arts Initiative and Miller Theatre at Columbia University, where she is also pursuing a master’s degree in fundraising management.







Jonathan D. Mesisca (Chief Bromden ) Jonathan is excited to be back at the Gallery after appearing as Juan Perón in Evita.  Select NYC Credits:  Rachel, the Musical (Higgins), Goreé Crossing (Sheriff Bucky), The Devil of Delancey Street (Devil), Once Upon a Mattress (The Minstrel).  National Tour: Laura Ingalls Wilder (Pa Ingalls).  Regional Theatre: Evita (Perón) at The Theater Barn, The Fantasticks (El Gallo) in Ogunquit, ME.  Education:  University of Southern California.  Jonathan thanks Mark for giving him another wonderful opportunity, the Gallery Staff and Crew, and his family and friends for their never-ending love and support.







Henrique Rizzo (Ellis) was born and raised in Brazil where he trained at Oficina De Atores Nilton Travesso. He moved to New York recently and is excited to be part of his first production at The Gallery Players. Henrique performed with the Municipal Theater of São Paulo in FALSTAFF, CARMEN, SALOME, CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA, PAGLIACCI, TOSCA and OTELLO. He was Sebastian in THE LITTLE MERMAID and Clayton in TARZAN (Cia Marquesa De Teatro). Henrique also appeared as The Devil in VIÚVA PORÉM HONESTA and Loco in BARRELA (Cão Bravo Produções).




Christopher Russell (Billy Bibbit) Christopher was born and raised in the United Kingdom, growing up he became passionate about comedy and acting when he discovered they were subjects in school that actually held his attention. He moved to the U.S. in 2012 to study acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. When he graduated from The Academy he performed in Romeo and Juliet and Robin Hood: A New Musical by Tony Nominee Douglas Carter Beane at the 2015 Scranton Shakespeare festival. He is excited to be part of this production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and would like to thank his family for the support.




Amy Scanlon (Sandra) is thrilled to be back at Gallery Players. Training includes: Film and Theatre BA, Musical Theatre RADA, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Theatre credits include: It runs in the family, Midsummer Nights Dream, Blithe Spirit (Gallery Players), For Now (NYFringe), The Rental (The Secret Theatre), Scenes of a Sexual Nature (Water People Theatre), Balladeers Play to the Moon (Joe’s Pub) www.amy-scanlon.com




James Swanson (Harding) is a New York-based actor with a penchant for classical theatre, British farces, and all projects intellectual & eccentric. James graduated from New York University, studying acting at the Stella Adler Studio with a semester at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Previous credits include Run for Your Wife (Gallery Players), Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Taming of the Shrew, Julius Caesar (Shakespeare in the Square), As You Like It (No Stone Productions), Blood & Ice, Three Sisters Two (Stella Adler Studio), Snow White, and Scapino! (Peterborough Players). James is incredibly excited to return to this wonderful company and go just a little mad.







James L. Toback (Aide Warren) is from New York City and is extremely excited to make his debut with The Gallery Players! James studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and SUNY Buffalo State, where he appeared in a variety of shows, including Footloose (Willard), The Night of the Iguana (Jake), Den of Thieves (Paul), and Red Demon (Tombi). Love to Mom, Dad, and The Kid




Erin Whited-Ford (Candy Starr) loves a good character! She is therefore ecstatic to portray the kooky Candy Star in her debut with the Gallery Players! Favorite past roles include Solange in The Maids, Joanna in Home Free, and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. Erin is honored to work with such a strong group of collaborators and would like to thank everyone involved in the production. Erin is a graduate of the William Esper Studio.