A Chorus Line Auditions

Auditions for the Gallery Players’ September production of A CHORUS LINE will be held the week of July 16 by invitation.

Director: Tom Rowan (author of the book A Chorus Line FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About Broadway’s Singular Sensation)
Choreographer: Eddie Gutierrez (A Chorus Line national tour) will restage the original choreography
Musical Director: Taylor Masamitsu

All roles available. Seeking triple threat performers with solid ballet and jazz dance training. Equity and Non-Equity.

AEA Basic Showcase Code (approval pending). AEA actors receive standard showcase stipend; Non-Equity cast members unpaid.

To be considered for an appointment, please e-mail your headshot and résumé to Tom Rowan at redluob@gmail.com by July 5. In the subject line, please put A CHORUS LINE and the name of the role you wish to audition for. Feel free to attach video clips.


  • ZACH Male, 30s-40s. Brilliant, driven director-choreographer; still a strong dancer. Commanding speaking voice and personality; incisive, curious, in control. (Sides)
  • LARRY Male, 20s. Zach’s assistant. Authoritative presence; a beautiful, polished dancer. (Sides)
  • DON Male, 26. Married dancer with kids. Handsome and athletic; from the Midwest. (Sides)
  • MAGGIE Female, 25. Sweet, pretty girl-next-door from California. Sensitive, lyrical singer with strong high belt for “At the Ballet.” (Sides)
  • MIKE Male, 24. From an Italian family in New Jersey. Engagingly confident; brash and scrappy. Very strong dancer for “I Can Do That” solo; compact build, acrobatics a plus. (Sides)
  • CONNIE Female, 32, Asian. Petite dancer with great energy and a spunky sense of humor. (Sides)
  • GREG Male, 32. Experienced gay, Jewish dancer from the Upper East Side. Stylish and sophisticated, with a dry, jaded sense of humor. (Sides)
  • CASSIE Female, 32. Former featured dancer on Broadway, now auditioning for a chorus job after trying for an acting career in Los Angeles. Lovely, vulnerable actress with a strong voice. Phenomenal dancer for “The Music and the Mirror” solo. (Sides)
  • SHEILA Female, 29. Statuesque veteran dancer; her outspoken, caustic sense of humor usually (but not always) masks her fears and insecurities. Strong actress; alto. (Sides)
  • BOBBY Male, 25. Tall, attractive, with an offbeat, eccentric sense of humor. Physically inventive comic actor; from Buffalo. (Sides)
  • BEBE Female, 22. New to New York from Boston; eager to please but insecure. Wry, self-effacing sense of humor. Belt voice. (Sides)
  • JUDY Female, 26. From El Paso, Texas. Kooky, sexy, and a little ditsy but warm and likeable. (Sides)
  • RICHIE Male, 27, African-American. Athletic, high-energy dancer with strong R&B falsetto range. (Sides)
  • AL Male, 30. From the Bronx. Genial and outgoing, with a streetwise edge. Very loving and supportive of his new wife, Kristine. Strong baritenor voice for “Sing!” (Sides)
  • KRISTINE Female, 22. Inexperienced and nervous; eager and full of energy. Great comic timing; performs the number “Sing!” (Sides)
  • VAL Female, admits to 25. Open and friendly but ambitious, with a foul mouth and an uninhibited sense of humor. Owes her shapely figure to cosmetic surgery; sings “Dance: 10; Looks: 3.” (Sides)
  • MARK Male, 20. The youngest auditionee, fresh-faced, naive, and eager. Boyishly handsome; strong dancer. (Sides)
  • PAUL Male, 27. Puerto Rican, from Spanish Harlem. Shy and nervous; eventually opens up with the famous monologue about growing up gay and his early experiences in a drag show. Fine dancer and sensitive, honest actor. (Sides)
  • DIANA Female, 27, born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican parents. Spirited and feisty, with great warmth and love for the theatre. Beautiful singing voice for “Nothing” and “What I Did for Love.” (Sides)

Piano opening

What I Did for Love