Anna in the Tropics Auditions

Auditions announced for the upcoming AEA showcase production (approval pending) of ANNA IN THE TROPICS by Nilo Cruz (October 20 – November 4). Director Mark Gallagher; Producer Justine McLaughlin/The Gallery Players.

“ANNA IN THE TROPICS is a poignant and poetic play set in Florida in 1929 in a Cuban–American cigar factory, where cigars are still rolled by hand and ‘lectors’ are employed to educate and entertain the workers. The arrival of a new lector is a cause for celebration, but when he begins to read aloud from Anna Karenina, he unwittingly becomes a catalyst in the lives of his avid listeners, for whom Tolstoy, the tropics and the American dream prove a volatile combination.”

Performances run October 20th ­through November 4th, Thursday – Saturday nights, and Saturday and Sunday matinees. Rehearsals begin Saturday, September 22nd (evenings and weekends). All auditions, rehearsals, and performances will take place at the Gallery Players, 199 14th Street, Brooklyn. Equity/Non-Equity. No pay.

Open call auditions will take place on Sunday, August 26th from 4-8pm and Tuesday, September 11th from 7-10pm. Sign-in will open half an hour before each audition and sign-in will close thirty minutes before the end of each audition. AEA priority. No submissions necessary for open calls; just show up. Callbacks will be during the day on Saturday, September 15th & Sunday, September 16th.

Please prepare a 1 1/2 – 2 minute contemporary, dramatic monologue.

All roles are open to all actors. Actors with musical abilities are strongly encouraged to audition.

  • SANTIAGO: Latino, mid 50s-mid 60s, owner of cigar factory
  • CHECHÉ: Half-Cuban, half-American male, late 30s-early 40s, Santiago’s half-brother
  • OFELIA: Latina, 50s, Santiago’s wife
  • MARELA: Latina, early-mid 20s, Ofelia and Santiago’s daughter and Conchita’s sister
  • CONCHITA: Latina, late 20s-early 30s, Ofelia and Santiago’s daughter and Marela’s sister
  • PALOMO: Latino, mid 30s-early 40s, Conchita’s husband
  • JUAN JULIAN: Latino, mid 30s-early 40s, the new “lector” at Santiago’s factory
  • ELIADES: Latino, early 30s-mid 40s, local gamester, runs cockfights