Bus Stop

by William Inge

March 14-29, 2008


Producer: Amanda White/The Gallery Players
Director: Heather Siobhan Curran
Production Stage Manager: Trevor Regars
Associate Producer: Brian Michael Flanagan
Set Design: Edward T. Morris
Costume Design: Meredith Neal
Props Design: Nicole Gaignat
Lighting Design: Mike Billings
Sound Design: Neal J. Freeman
Assistant Stage Manager: Rebekah Hughston

The Cast

Elma Duckworth – Rebecca Dealy
Grace Hoylard – Annie Paul*
Will Masters – Brad Thomason*
Cherie – Alisha Spielmann
Dr. Gerald Lyman – John Blaylock*
Carl – Justin Herfel*
Virgil Blessing – Shawn Parsons
Bo Decker – Brad Lewandowski*

*appears courtesy Actors’ Equity Association

Pictured (l to r): Brad Lewandowski, Shawn Parsons, and Alisha Spielmann in The Gallery Players’ production of Bus Stop by William Inge. Photo by Bella Muccari.

Bus Stop is a good stop-off to get a slice of classic Americana and reflect on the difficulty of letting oneself love and be loved. The predicaments and hard-learned love lessons remain relevant and universal. Under Heather Siobhan Curran’s direction, we smoothly pop in and out of the different conversations. Bus Stop is an engaging look at romantic love in various and some slightly nefarious forms.” -Lucile Scott, nytheatre.com
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“The Gallery Players’ production does everything right…Do yourself a favor, pull off to the side of the road and take a break at this Bus Stop.” -The Neighborbee Blog

“Director Heather Siobhan Curran has crafted a strong production which humorously reveals the folly and the loneliness of being human. Despite its age, Inge’s Bus Stop can still speak to us all.” -Shari Perkins, theateronline.com

For the first time in over a decade, William Inge returns to Brooklyn with The Gallery Players’ revival of his classic drama, Bus Stop.

In the middle of a howling snowstorm, a bus out of Kansas City pulls up at a cheerful roadside diner. All roads are blocked, and four or five weary travelers are going to have to hole up until morning. Cherie, a nightclub chanteuse in a sparkling gown and a seedy fur-trimmed jacket, is the passenger with most to worry about. She’s been pursued, made love to and finally kidnapped by a twenty-one-year-old cowboy with a ranch of his own and the romantic methods of an unusually headstrong bull. The belligerent cowhand is right behind her, ready to sling her over his shoulder and carry her, alive and kicking, all the way to Montana. Even as she’s ducking out from under his clumsy but confident embraces, and screeching at him fiercely to shut him up, she pauses to furrow her forehead and muse, “Somehow deep inside of me I got a funny feeling I’m gonna end up in Montana …”

Pictured (l to r): Alisha Spielmann, John Blaylock, and Rebecca Dealy in The Gallery Players’ production of Bus Stop by William Inge. Photo by Bella Muccari.

The Gallery Players’ Artistic Director Heather Siobhan Curran teams up with Producer Amanda White (Standing Theatre, teacher and performer; William Inge Theater Festival) to bring this archetypal American drama to The Gallery Players’ stage. Says Curran, “What a thrill it has been to bring one of our great American plays to Gallery’s stage with this wonderful ensemble cast. And having the dramaturgical assistance of Amanda White and the Inge Center has proved invaluable. Although there is a current of loneliness and loss that runs throughout William Inge’s plays, he has great affection for the people in this small town. All of the characters in Bus Stop are searching for love; some find the accepting their loneliness to be the choice they make. Even though Inge’s characters in Bus Stop are very much a product of the 1950’s America; he allows them to transcend the cultural politics of the time and we find ourselves drawn into their world, nose pressed against that window, as we search and reassess our choices.”

Pictured (l to r): Brad Lewandowski, Shawn Parsons, and Alisha Spielmann in The Gallery Players’ production of Bus Stop by William Inge. Photo by Bella Muccari.

Performance Schedule

Sat. March 14th 8 pm – opening night!
Sun. March 15th 3 pm – matinee
Thu. March 19th 8 pm
Fri. March 20th 8 pm – alumni night
Sat. March 21st 2 pm – matinee
Sat. March 21st 8 pm
Sun March 22nd 3 pm – matinee
Thu. March 26th 8 pm
Fri. March 27th 8 pm
Sat. March 28th 2 pm – matinee
Sat. March 28th 8 pm
Sun. March 29th 3 pm – matinee/ final performance, panel discussion** to follow

Pictured (l to r): Panel discussion leader Michael Pressman with director Heather Siobhan Curran. Mr. Pressman was the director of the recent Broadway revival of Inge’s Come Back, Little Sheba at Manhattan Theatre Club featuring S. Epatha Merkerson.