Macbeth Auditions

Gallery Players is casting for a filmed version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth to be streamed online. Online rehearsals (June 1-13) and in-person filming (June 15-July 11).

Producer: Dominic Cuskern
Director: Trent Dawson
Casting Director: Tom Rowan


  • Macbeth: M, 25-45. A natural leader, charismatic, superb warrior, jealous and ambitious.
  • Lady Macbeth: F, 25-45. Highly intelligent, cunning, terrifying ambition.
  • Banquo: M, 24-45. A brave and loyal warrior, street-smart, knows which way the wind blows.
  • Duncan/Old Man: M, 45-75. A good and noble leader.
  • Malcolm: M, 18-30. A brave son determined to avenge his father’s murder.
  • Macduff: M, 30-50. A loyal soldier whose grief turns him into a fierce warrior.
  • Porter/Captain/Siward: M, 30-65. A drunk and witty clown/a captain loyal to Duncan/leader of the English forces
  • Witch 1/Lennox/Murderer/Seyton: F, 20-30. A witch/a Scottish Noble/a killer/Macbeth’s servant.
  • Witch 2/Gentlewoman: F, 20-30. A witch/servant to Lady Macbeth.
  • Witch 3/Lady Macduff: F, 25-45. A witch/a mother defending her child from harm.
  • Fleance: M, 14-18. Son to Banquo.
  • Macduff’s Son: M, 8-11. Son to Macduff.
  • Donalbain/Messenger/Servant/Lord: M or F, 18-30. Son to Duncan, et al.
  • Ross: M, 20-60. Loyal soldier. Empathetic.

Non-union only; no pay. All actors should have classical training and experience with heightened text. All roles open to any ethnicity; actors of all backgrounds are encouraged to submit.

COVID Safety: All participants will need to show proof of vaccination. Masks will be worn at all times except when actually filming. In addition, social distancing will be observed at all times except when filming needs prevent that. We will be ventilating the space with extractor fans, open doors. These will be quieted during filming.

Macbeth will be filmed in Park Slope at the Gallery Players theater, 199 14th Street, Brooklyn and on location in Westchester County (transportation to Westchester provided). Rehearsals online (June 1-13) will be conducted via Zoom. Shooting begins June 15 and ends by July 11. Rehearsals and filming will generally be scheduled between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM, Tuesdays through Fridays, with longer hours on weekends.

For consideration, please prepare a self-tape of a Shakespeare monologue, up to two-minutes in length, and email the link along with your headshot and resume by Monday, May 17, to the casting director at