Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth

Continuing its 50th Anniversary Season, Gallery Players announces auditions for Sweet Bird of Youth, playing March 11 – March 26, 2017. Directed by Jesse Marchese.


Tuesday, January 17 from 7 – 10pm (Open call)
Wednesday, January 18 from 7 – 10pm (Open call)

Actors will be reading from the script for auditions. Sides are below.

Rehearsals begin February 4, 2017.

Sweet Bird of Youth is an Actors’ Equity Showcase (approval pending).

The Equity Showcase code is designed primarily to provide a theatrical environment where members may hone their skills and showcase themselves in the hope of securing future employment. There are no salaries, however, Equity members are entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses.



Character Breakdown

Looking for a cast of seventeen for SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH by Tennessee Williams:

Chance Wayne (25-30 yrs old): Once the best-looking boy in St. Cloud, Chance is a gigolo with dreams of making it big in Hollywood. Chance returns to his hometown to rescue his childhood sweetheart, Heavenly, and to prove to everyone that he is a success. Chance fears aging and becoming obsolete, and is desperate to fight against it. Light Southern dialect. Side for CHANCE WAYNE

The Princess Kosmonopolis/Alexandra Del Lago (40-50 yrs old): An aging movie star and addict who is running away from the alleged failure of her comeback movie. Although she knows that Chance is using her, she doesn’t want to be alone and craves the physical intimacy that he can provide. She is desperate not to grow old and irrelevant. She is a mercurial creature—and capable of both great cruelty and tenderness. Standard Stage dialect. Side for PRINCESS aka ALEXANDRA DEL LAGO

Fly (Any age, 25+): An African-American waiter working in the hotel where Chance and the Princess are staying. Strong Southern dialect. Side for FLY & CHARLES

George Scudder (30-40 yrs old): The town’s doctor and the Chief of Staff at the local hospital. George is first to see Chance and warn him to leave town, though he skirts round the issue, refusing to be straightforward with Chance and tell him exactly why he should leave. He is business-like and very cautious. Light Southern dialect. Side for GEORGE SCUDDER & DAN HATCHER

Dan Hatcher (30-35 yrs old): Assistant Manager of the Royal Palms Hotel, Hatcher is the first to contact the Finleys about Chance’s arrival and he keeps them informed of his whereabouts. Light Southern dialect. Side for GEORGE SCUDDER & DAN HATCHER

‘Boss’ Thomas J Finley (55-65 yrs old): The father of Heavenly and Tom Junior, and a leading political figure in town. He does everything in his power to keep Chance away from heavenly, and tries to run him out of town. Like a typical politician, he presents a respectable lifestyle. However, he has a long-term mistress who lives in town, is a racist, and uses his children in whatever way necessary to further his own career. Strong Southern dialect. Side for BOSS FINLEY & HECKLER

Tom Junior (30-35 yrs old): Boss Finley’s son. He is desperate to impress his father but behaves quite wildly which means that Boss has to get him out of trouble regularly. Tom helps with Boss’ political campaigning but feels unappreciated by him. However, Tom is willing to use violence on behalf of his father when it comes to Chance. Strong Southern dialect. Side for TOM JUNIOR & SCOTTY & BUD

Aunt Nonnie (45-65 yrs old): Aunt to Tom Junior and Heavenly. She has always had a close relationship with Heavenly and previously was very fond of Chance. Aunt Nonnie remains defensive of Chance but is bullied by Boss and scared of what he may do to Chance; she also knows that the time has passed for Chance and Heavenly to be together so is keen for him to leave. Light Southern dialect. Side for AUNT NONNIE

Charles (Any age, 30+): Servant in the Finley household. Strong Southern dialect. Side for FLY & CHARLES

Heavenly Finley (25-30 yrs old): Daughter to Boss Finley. Heavenly used to be bright, vivacious and full of promise but after contracting the STD from Chance and having a hysterectomy, she has lost her love of life. Heavenly blames her father for what happened to Chance and her. Light Southern dialect. Side for HEAVENLY FINLEY & VIOLET & EDNA

Stuff (20-25): Barman at the Royal Palms Hotel. He has taken over the job that Chance used to do, having previously admired Chance. He is a member of the ‘Youth for Tom Finley’ club. Light Southern dialect. Side for STUFF & MISS LUCY

Miss Lucy (35-45): Boss Finley’s long-term mistress; she has been with Boss since before his wife died. She lives in the hotel and has been open about their relationship, suggesting at one point that Boss is too old to be a good lover. Miss Lucy has very little power, as she is totally reliant on Boss. Miss Lucy is fond of Chance and offers to help him leave town. Light Southern dialect. Side for STUFF & MISS LUCY

Heckler (30-50): Heckler is a brave, outspoken “hillbilly” who attends Boss’ political rallies to expose his hypocrisy by asking questions about Heavenly. Strong Southern dialect. Side for BOSS FINLEY & HECKLER

Scotty (25-30): Old school friend of Chance. He is part of the gang who ‘settled down’ by staying in town and is eager to get rid of Chance. Light Southern dialect. Side for TOM JUNIOR & SCOTTY & BUD

Bud (25-30): Old school friend of Chance. He is part of the gang who ‘settled down’ by staying in town and is eager to get rid of Chance. Light Southern dialect. Side for TOM JUNIOR & SCOTTY & BUD

Edna (25-30): Wife of Scotty, and old school friend of Chance, though not his friend anymore. Light Southern dialect. Side for HEAVENLY FINLEY & VIOLET & EDNA

Violet (25-30): Wife of Bud, and old school friend of Chance, though not his friend anymore. Light Southern dialect. Side for HEAVENLY FINLEY & VIOLET & EDNA

2015-16 Season Staffing Opportunities

The Gallery Players, Brooklyn’s premier, award-winning Off-Off Broadway theater, is seeking Designers and Staff for their 49th Season which includes: GODSPELL (Sept 12-Oct 4), The Piano Lesson (Oct 24-Nov 8), It Runs in the Family (Dec 5-Dec 20), Seussical  (Jan 30-Feb 21), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Mar 12-Mar 27), In the Heights (Apr 23-May 15) and the 19th Annual Black Box New Play Festival (June 2-June 26). We are seeking talented and resourceful Designers for Set, Costumes, Lighting, Props and Sound. We are also accepting resumes from capable Producers, Assoc. Producers, Stage Managers and Asst. Stage Managers for all shows. Interested Designers must be capable of executing their design with help from a volunteer staff and Gallery’s resources. There is a small stipend for all positions. Send materials ASAP to designstaff@galleryplayers.com.

We are seeking enthusiastic, hard-working, talented, self-starting people who are willing and able to work in an Off-Off Broadway setting. The Gallery Players operates under the Equity NYC Showcase code.

Producers will be expected to supervise a production from the choosing of a director through opening night, making sure that each show meets our high standards and comes in within budget.

Designers: Though Gallery does have Volunteers to help with everything from building and hanging to ushering and concessions, it is ultimately the designer’s job to make sure the design is executed.

Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers can be either Equity or Non-Equity.

Please indicate which shows particularly interest you.

The Peanut Gallery 2016



Taught by professional theatre artists, the PEANUT GALLERY is devoted to musical theatre, personal expression, and self confidence. Children will learn the basics of singing and dancing, as well as what it means to participate and contribute to a group. Through story-telling, theatre games, art projects and performance, and with the guidance of the talented instructors, kids will not only have fun but will increase their own expressiveness and positive self image. During one spectacular week of Peanut Gallery, they will create and perform their own original show with songs from Broadway musicals on the stage of Gallery Players 99 seat theater!



Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 2:00pm*

July 18-22 (Entering Grades 1-3)
July 25-29 (Entering Grades 1-3)
August 1-5 (Entering Grades 4-6) NO LONGER ACCEPTING ENROLLMENTS
August 8-12 (Entering Grades 4-6)

*Please drop off your child no earlier than 8:45am, and pick up no later than 2:15pm.

End of session performance times to be announced.

Bring your own lunch. Water will be provided.



Early Bird Registration $299 (Before April 30th)
General Registration: $325
After Care: $125*
*Mon-Thurs only, 2pm-6pm subject to interest and availability


Child’s name
Grade in Fall 2016
Parent name
Street address including city/state/zip
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Which week(s) you are registering for
Method of Payment

Upon receipt we will email you instructions on how to pay for your registration online (use the code PGTWEET on or before April 30th for discount) or by check.

We reserve the right to cancel classes if enrollment is too low to run. In this case, we will give you two weeks notice and a full refund.

Seeking House Managers

House Manager positions available

The House Manager oversees all audience-related tasks, including the operation of the box office and concession stand by volunteer ushers and the opening and closing of the house, as well as processes cash intake and evening reports. Needed for performances only, plus training. Performances are Thu-Sat at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm. (The last two Saturdays of each production have 2pm and 8pm perfs.) Looking for an individual who can commit to a minimum of 4 performances. Small stipend pay available.

If interested please e-mail letter of interest and/or resume with HOUSE MANAGER in the subject line to volunteer@galleryplayers.com.

Volunteer at the Gallery Players

Be a part of the Gallery Players by volunteering! There’s a lot that you can help with, and there are some great benefits. Here’s what we need:

  • Set Building/Painting Volunteers (previous experience not required; lunch provided)
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To inquire about any of these volunteer positions, please e-mail volunteer@galleryplayers.com.