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Weekend 1: Performs May 30-June 2

R.I.P by Agnes Garrett: Terry, Paul and Mario, the funeral director.

Checking the Basement for Leaks by Doug DeVita: Veronica, 52 and Grace 40, two ladies from Plandome, Long Island; Phillie a 12 year old boy.

Department of Transport by Anne Phelan: Sheila Carey, 30, American art historian; Senior Officer In Department of Transport, female, British, 35-40; Junior Officer, 30, female, British.

The Old Man by David Loughlin: Denny, 30, Sean, 31

Lost and Found by Jerry McGee.:  SHE, a driven business professional, 35;  HE, not yet 30 trying to develop into an adult.

Gambler’s  Second Chance by Johnny Mineo: Guy, 40’s; Younger Guy, 30.

Weekend 2: performs June  6-9

A Defense of Marriage by Jerry Leventhal: Becky Levine, 65; Rosa Gonzalez, 64.

The Teller’s Wife by Julie Weinberg: Patty, 40, Roxanne, 50, Man, 35-40.

Stretching Out by Anthony P. Pennino: Tom, a short man; Jack, another short man and Stretch, a very tall man.

Outpost by Lily Rusek: Ken, 32, Iraqi war vet; Lisa, 30 , his wife.

Escape from Garden Grove by Mathilde Dratwa: Sophie, a teenager; Faye her grandmother

The Whole Ball of Wax by Judd Lear Silverman: Ted, Richie, Paul, Stephanie, Lori, and Pat. Ages from 25-early thirties.

Weekend 3: performs June 13-16

Boy Friends by T.J. Edwards; Karl, 40, Alec, 40’s, Nick, mid 30’s

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