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September 2019 CABARET

Red Hook Star-Revue previews the fall season
The Brooklyn Paper features Cabaret
Downtown Magazine reviews Cabaret


Theatre is Easy Reviews The Tempest


Theatre is Easy Reviews Spring Awakening (A Best Bet)
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The Brooklyn Paper reviews Appointment With Death


The Brooklyn Paper reviews Anna in the Tropics
Blogcritics reviews Anna in the Tropics

September 2018 A CHORUS LINE

Show Showdown reviews A Chorus Line
Blogcritics reviews A Chorus Line
Our BK Social reviews A Chorus Line
The Brooklyn Paper features A Chorus Line

April 2018 CHESS

The Brooklyn Paper features Chess

March 2018 PLAZA SUITE

StageBuddy reviews Plaza Suite

February 2018 A NEW BRAIN

StageBuddy reviews A New Brain
The Brooklyn Paper features A New Brain


The Brooklyn Paper reviews It Shoulda Been You
Applause! Applause! Dr. Tom Stevens reviews It Shoulda Been You

November 2017 THE ELEPHANT MAN

The New York Times – Dick Cavett reviews The Elephant Man
StageBuddy reviews The Elephant Man

September 2017 ANNIE

Applause! Applause! Christopher M. Struck reviews Annie
The Brooklyn Paper features Annie


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reviews Julius Caesar

May 2017 RAGTIME

StageBuddy reviews Ragtime
Blogcritics reviews Ragtime


StageBuddy reviews Sweet Bird of Youth

January 2017 MARRY ME A LITTLE

The Brooklyn Paper features Marry Me a Little

September 2016 GYPSY

Blogcritics reviews Gypsy

March 2016 ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST reviews One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

October 2014 PROOF

Proven! Gallery Players’ PROOF is a winning formula

July 2014 HENRY V

Full Scripted Henry V Plays in Brooklyn With Fire and Dash

September 2012 LEND ME A TENOR

“Dominic Cuskern directs his cast ably; their pacing is fantastic and their curtain call is reason enough to head to Brooklyn for this show. All-in-all, due to a fast-and-furious second act and the commitment of this ensemble, I can easily recommend Lend Me a Tenor.”
theater online

March 2009 BUS STOP

“The Gallery Players production does everything right. Do yourself a favor, pull off to the side of the road and take a break at this Bus Stop.”
The Neighborbee Blog


“Director Neal J. Freeman orchestrates the scene transitions with a seamless fluidity that puts the original overproduced Broadway production to shame.”

“Catching a performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie is quite possibly the most fun thing you can do with your clothes on in Park Slope this month. From start to finish, this musical does not disappoint.”
The Brooklyn Paper

December 2008 A TUNA CHRISTMAS

“A Tuna Christmas is like the perfect holiday gift: not expensive, not overblown, but well thought out and presented with a great deal of affection.”
EDGE New York

October-November 2008 LIKE YOU LIKE IT

“Grab your Metrocards, because this season’s best new musical isn’t on the Great White Way, it’s in Brooklyn!”

“Like You Like It is a fun filled show and is perfect for when you want something Shakespeare but with an 80’s beat and a teenage vibe. Everything about the show is delightful, from the cast to the music to the source material.”

“[This] is one of those productions where you find yourself actually laughing out loud without realizing it. The cast members, singing without microphones, belt out the numbers and put on a performance as grand as if they were in a much bigger theater, both in size and scale. I got so mixed up in their drama that I lost all sense of being anywhere but in Arden Mall.”
The Brooklyn Paper

September 2008 THE UNDERPANTS

“Sometimes, all you’re really in the mood for is a good, hearty laugh, The Gallery Players’ new production of The Underpants is just that kind of fun. The Underpants [is] a delight, a great value, and, most of all, the perfect respite from the seriousness of real life.”
The Brooklyn Paper

January 2008 THE WILD PARTY

“A hypnotic and intoxicating party in which to lose yourself. Composer Andrew Lippa sat across the aisle from me during the performance I attended, and judging from his reactions to the show, both he – and the responsive audience – are happy to have this Wild Party back in the city.”


“Santaland is a bracing tonic for anyone who’s had enough of Scrooge and It’s a Wonderful Life. The Santaland Diaries is another feather in The Gallery Players’ cap. They continue to produce fine work at their comfortable Park Slope home, and have emerged as a perennially reliable company. Check them out and see why.”

October-November 2007 YANK! A NEW MUSICAL

“The old-fashioned musical is neither dying nor in need of saving. If you love Golden Age-style musical romances, you can still find them – if you know where to look. Right now, that place is Brooklyn, where The Gallery Players’ [Yank!] is a touching and oh-so-tuneful look at a side of World War II we seldom see.”

“Yank! is one of the most heartening theatrical experiences in years. The choreography of this show is brilliant. The show never apologizes for its honesty. At the end of Yank! the audience (including me) was on its feet.”
The Brooklyn Paper

“Joseph and David Zellnik serve up a beautifully composed, entertaining slice of our secret history. But because they tell this coming out story with such rich historical and psychological detail, Yank! engages fundamental questions of love, citizenship and cultural belonging, beyond the obvious audience of lesbians and gay men. Yank! is poised to become a musical of real stature.”


“The Gallery Players’ quick-paced production is top-notch as theatergoers have come to expect from this company. From the first moments of this play, I knew the production would be successful.”


“With Victor/Victoria, The Gallery Players once again proves that they are one of New York City’s musical theatre bright spots. The pride of Park Slope delivers a hugely ambitious production that provides everything a theatergoer could ask of a musical comedy. The most important question, at least from an audience standpoint, might be: does Victor/Victoria need Julie Andrews? I’m happy to report that the answer is a resounding no. Christine Paterson plays the title role here, and she is a genuine triple threat. Paterson handles all the demands of her role, which includes a lot of dancing, dry humor, and Andrews’ signature high C with impressive ease. Every member of the entire cast looks like they’re having a ball on stage.”

“The musical version of the film [Victor/Victoria] is being presented with panache by the stalwart Gallery Players in its first New York revival since the original Broadway run ended almost exactly 10 years ago. Ostensibly about the complexities of love, the current production reveals the show more as a celebration of friendship. The juice, abundantly provided here by a cast with ample energy and style, comes from the connection and conflict between pals John Blaylock’s droll manner as Toddy provides a perfect foil to Christine Paterson’s dulcet voice and sincere enthusiasm as Victoria. The real star in this production, though, is the company of actors and dancers that plays supporting roles as various Parisian types and moves with agility and zest while doing the can-can and the Charleston or taking swings and dodging chairs in the slapstick fight scenes. Each actor’s eyes are alive with enjoyment and a sense of fun.”
The Brooklyn Paper

February-March 2007 VIOLET

“A healing journey. The Gallery Players in Park Slope, Brooklyn, led the audience on a beautifully sung and touching pilgrimage.”
Staten Island Advance

“One of the things I admire most about The Gallery Players is their commitment to bringing contemporary musicals back to the New York stage for a second viewing. I’m grateful to have had a chance to see [Violet] at long last; if you didn’t catch it during its brief run a decade ago (and only about 5,000 people did), then take advantage of this opportunity. The Gallery Players takes a risk putting a lesser-known musical like this on the boards, and they deserve to be rewarded for it. Fans of musical theatre especially won’t want to miss this rare revival of Violet.”

“Violet is a road-trip of a show about a girl in search of herself, and The Gallery Players have mounted a fine, affecting production. That it’s as moving as it is comes from some excellent acting in parts large and small, but mostly by Rhyn McLemore as the title character, a girl who has to be bold and straightforward at the same time she’s on her quixotic quest. With minimal scenery, good lighting and costumes, and a four person band that sounded much more extensive, The Gallery Players are celebrating their 40th anniversary with another high achievement.”
Off-Off Broadway Review


“The Gallery Players continue to present some of the most consistently high-quality Off-Off Broadway theatre in the city. Director Heather Siobhan Curran makes good use of David Ogles well designed, multi-level set. Costumes, lights and sound (Amy Elizabeth Bravo, G. Benjamin Swope, and Megan Henninger, respectively) are all up to The Gallery Players’ usual high standards.”
Off-Off Broadway Review

November-December 2006 TORCH SONG TRILOGY

“Harvey Fierstein’s gay-and-proud Torch Song Trilogy returns to its Brooklyn roots in an engaging, witty, and ultimately heart-warming production. One kvells with delight as Rudetsky, known to many as Sirius Satellite Radio host and author of the book The Q Guide to Broadway, spars with flair.”

October-November 2006 URINETOWN

“Perfect from start to finish.”
Off-Off Online


“With their exuberant rendition of this musical, The Gallery Players have staged yet another admirable revival. The energetic performances fairly explode from the stage, and director and choreographer Steven Smeltzer’s interpretation is a dazzling celebration of the art and power of storytelling.”
Off-Off Online

April 2006 TAKE ME OUT

“Sadly, you can’t TiVo Broadway shows….but there is another option — and it can be found in, of all places, Park Slope, Brooklyn….The Gallery Players have developed a reputation for reviving commercial hits….solidly entertaining.”
The New York Times

“Gallery Players hits one out of the park with their production of Take Me Out….Seriously, I saw the original Take Me Out twice—once off-Broadway and once on—and in neither case was the play presented with the clarity and emotional heft of this production. Director Tom Wojtunik and his terrific ensemble cast have done an expert job with Richard Greenberg’s ambitious and occasionally unwieldy script….as they have done frequently in the past, Gallery Players has managed with this Take Me Out to take a contemporary classic-in-the-making and really let audiences see it for what it is, with purity and simplicity.”

“While the Gallery Players’s theater may be located a few subway stops deep into Brooklyn, their production of Richard Greenberg’s Tony Award-winning play Take Me Out seems not too far away from Broadway. The main reason for the play’s success is simple: each member of the 11-man cast gives a truly exceptional performance….The clever direction, impeccable production values, and first-rate acting by the Gallery Players make this show a genuine must-see.”
Off-Off Online

“I’ll try to refrain from the sports puns, but in all seriousness The Gallery Players of Park Slope have staged a huge hit. With Tom Wojtunik’s seemingly effortless direction, a well-rounded cast and a resourceful set design, the romance, drama and humor of Take Me Out feels intimate and alive.”
The Brooklyn Eagle

February/March 2006 SIDE SHOW

“The Gallery Players presented Side Show with obvious love and professionalism. The story is clearly told and there are many moving moments. The musical values are excellent and the choreography sparkles with inventiveness. My gratitude to all involved for their care and dedication.”
Bill Russell, lyricist and bookwriter of Side Show

“The show biz scenes all fizz and sparkle with exuberance and style. [Director Matt] Schicker and [choreographer Joe] Barros have made the show’s opening into a discomfiting voyeur’s paradise, with a menacing Boss (played with brio by Greg Horton) exhorting us to “Come Look at the Freaks” while a disquietingly authentic-seeming side show slithers and snakes around him. Schicker has put two authentic “freaks” on stage….It all makes for a dazzling opening.”

“The Gallery Players production was a much more rewarding show than to be expected based on the failed Broadway run. For a big musical produced on a shoestring, this was a terrific event, especially as it served to showcase a great group of young talent.”
Off-Off Broadway Review

September/October 2006 THE LARAMIE PROJECT

“The Laramie Project is arguably one of the most influential plays of the last decade….I highly recommend the Gallery Players’ production of this important and moving play….Director Neal Freeman does an outstanding job staging a play that can be quite challenging; his direction of the controlled chaos of the media frenzy is particularly striking.”


“It’s a lovely production and I’m very happy with it. [The Gallery Players] provide a true service for that community, and they’re lucky to have them. I’ve seen at least 50% of their things, and I’m always impressed.”
Terrence McNally in an interview with The Daily News

“The Gallery Players put on a show whose authenticity and entertainment value were equal to that of the Broadway production.” André De Shields

“So how does Terrence McNally and David Yazbek’s Broadway musical based on the popular 1997 film stand up in its “first New York revival”? The answer is very well indeed….There’s more warmth here than on Broadway….At the conclusion of the company’s first performance, book writer McNally was beaming. If you make the short journey to Park Slope, chances are you will be, too.”
Back Stage

“Everything about this spunky, scrappy mounting exceeds the overblown original—the performances are sharper, the songs are funnier and sweeter, the laughs are happier, and the energy and high spirits are genuine, outsized, and infectious. Director Matt Schicker has, to his great credit, located the joyful life-affirming center of this show, and every moment of his superb staging supports The Full Monty’s singular defining idea: that life is hard and short and so may as well be enjoyed and celebrated, every chance we get….The Full Monty is the best theatre bargain in town right now; it’s also one of the no-holds-barred best times to be found among any musical, at any price, on Broadway or way, way off.”

“In recent years, The Gallery Players of Brooklyn have offered top-notch stagings of such disparate shows as The Most Happy Fella, Chess, and Hair, so I’m not at all surprised that they’re now doing such an excellent job with The Full Monty. As directed by Matt Schicker and choreographed by Dax Valdes, with musical direction by Ken Legum, this is a damn fine production of a show that would have lasted much longer on Broadway if it hadn’t had The Producers to contend with….The guys that Schicker, Valdes, and Legum have cast as the unemployed steel mill workers who put on a strip show to raise cash are loaded with talent.”

“How lucky McNally and Yazbek are that it is The Gallery Players behind this revival. Their capable cast, impressive production values, and upbeat direction have made this a genuine boon to the Off-Off-Broadway community. The direction by Matt Schicker brings out the fun of this show. Those who missed the Broadway run will do well to catch this incarnation. In fact this production is something all theatre-goers shouldn’t miss.”
Off-Off Broadway Review


“The Gallery Players’ production has excellent direction by Neal Freeman and outstanding performances by the ensemble of three actors – Alex Domeyko, Rob Seitelman and Patrick Toon, all of whose wonderful timing is only matched by their antic energy.”
The Brooklyn Paper

February/March 2005 THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL

“The Gallery Players, true to their robust treatment of the classics, present “School for Scandal” with all its stylish trimmings – from Carrie Mossman’s simple but eloquent set to Sarah Rizza’s elaborate costumes, complete with 6-inch-high wigs and wired skirts….At a time when rich old men frequently woo and win younger women and opinion has replaced genuine news, “The School for Scandal” offers a curiously modern lesson. The Gallery Players prove to be exemplary teachers.”
The Brooklyn Papers


“Those who venture out to Brooklyn to see The Spitfire Grill will be won over by its charm and enthusiasm. And, for those who are lucky enough to have as strong a personal reaction to it as I did, you will be rewarded with a deep and enriching evening of theatre.”

November/December 2004 SIDE MAN

“Like all good plays, “Side Man” has multiple layers, and fortunately, the Gallery Players have been sensitive to the ambiguity in the play and the ambivalence in the author. The result is theater as it should be – thoughtful, provocative and extremely moving.”
The Brooklyn Paper

October/November 2003 THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD

Winner: 2003 Off-Off Broadway Review Award for Best Musical

“One of my top 3 favorite productions ever of Drood, and the best in the last decade! I went to see The Gallery Players’ production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood blithely unaware that I would soon be witnessing, in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, a production that — in wit, color, vitality, musicality, inventiveness and passion — as endearing as Drood on Broadway, in London, or anywhere around the world. I attribute this to a marvelous director, a magnificent cast (each of whom could have owned a Broadway stage on any given day), an inventive design and production team who squeeze a dollar out of every penny they have, and a theatre company whose savvy audience has found The Gallery Players to be one of New York’s secret treasures.”
Rupert Holmes, author of The Mystery of Edwin Drood