Join us this winter for an eight-week series of workshops taught by professional theater artists, each focusing on one or more fundamentals of theater-making. Through warm-ups, games, creative projects and more, children will learn about their chosen art form in our collaborative online studio.

Gallery Players is committed to arts education. Under the guidance of our talented instructors, Gallery Kids will not only have fun but they will enhance their own personal expression and self-confidence!

“Gallery Kids Reflections 2020”


GENERAL PROGRAM DETAILS: All online classes will begin at 4pm via Zoom and last one hour. Workshops run for eight weeks beginning January 25th. (There will be no sessions held the week of February 15th.) Age groups are recommended. Each class has a limited number of seats available.

(No dance experience required!)
Mondays with Christy Yin
Grades 1-5 

Each week dancers will learn choreography in the style of a different Broadway musical. Classes will begin with a warm-up to get our bodies stretched and ready to dance, followed by learning different dance combinations inspired by some of our favorite Broadway musicals. Combining classic Broadway dance moves and your child’s own unique style of dance, we will create a fun and safe space for moving and grooving!

Tuesdays with Jenni Mabrie
Grades 5-8

During this workshop, a group of young storytellers will embark on their journeys as writers obtaining a wide range of knowledge while participating in fun and technique–based activities. They will reflect on personally relevant themes, which will serve as the driving motivation and inspiration behind their storytelling. Throughout a detailed and engaging exploration of several literary devices, each young writer will develop monologues and scenes that will adhere to the themes they want to share with the world. After their individual writing experience, our storytellers of the future will work collaboratively to cultivate a magical, relevant script to be shared at an invited reading for their special guests.

Thursdays with Hilary Goldman
Grades 1-5

Our young artists will venture into the magical world of theater-making as they create and workshop an original play. Through theater games and acting exercises, students will explore their imaginations while learning various performance-based theatrical skills as they craft a show together with their ensemble. They will learn about the playwright’s process, explore storytelling through character development, learn about costume and prop creation, and present their tale for those nearest and dearest in an end of session Family Share. Each collaboration is unique!

Fridays with Heather Curran
Grades 3-6

“Don’t give up. I believe in you all. A person’s a person, no matter how small!”
Horton Hears a Who, Dr. Seuss

In this class we will be singing music from SEUSSICAL the musical based on the many children’s stories of Dr. Seuss. We’ll also explore the characters, stories, and rhythmic verse of these books. Creative activities will include games and exercises for both our bodies and voices as we delve into the whimsical and timeless world of one of our most treasured authors.

*Preparing a Creative Workspace in your Home: Clear some space for your child to move around and feel comfortable. Make sure the video is in a visible place where your child can easily see the screen. We realize everyone will have a different set-up and will work with what each family has!

All of our winter 2021 online workshops are “pay what you can.” We understand recent events have brought hardship to so many of our lives. Our goal is to bring joy into your homes by providing your families with some creative content this winter.

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We reserve the right to cancel any online class that is under-enrolled at any time. Any contributions made towards that class will be offered a refund.

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